Fireteam Bravo 3 Imposter Generator

Enter Desired Imposter Input:


#c��� = White Text (Leave the spaces)
#c�! = Red Text (Leave the spaces)
#c�� = Yellow Text (Leave the spaces)
#c� = Orange Text (Leave the spaces)
#c�/� = Purple Text (Leave the spaces)
�?� = �
© = �
® = &�
#t = Triangle
#o = Circle
#x = Cross
#s = Square
#u = D-pad Up
#r = D-pad Right
#d = D-pad Down
#l = D-pad Left
#g = START
#L = Left Trigger
#R = Right Trigger
#a = Analog Stick

NitePR Format Code:

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In Game View:

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How to Use Name Imposter

1) Load game.
2) At any desired time, open nitePR and highlight name imposter.
3) Turn cheats on by pressing the note button.
4) You should see your name show up as your imposter unless you activate this code while you are already in a room.
NOTE: If you are already in a room, just leave and come back, and your name should be showing.

Enjoy! SKYTOP1234

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