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 MM1 grenades

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PostSubject: MM1 grenades   Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:42 am

How do you guys feel about the mm1 grenades?

I liked the theyr sick but the only thing is theyr hard to use in open spaces. In closed areas your likely to kill yourself and any1 next to you. Because if you just try to throw the grenade you'll end up killin yourself with the mm1 and if you try shooting the mm1 you'll throw a grenade witch will bounce around and kill you. But in a open space if you find a good way to use it then it can be a deadly weapon. Like if you miss sum1 with the mm1 there a high chance they'll end up runnin into a grenade that's been waiting for them. In all it can be a deadly weapon or it can kill you and everyone on your team. They'll probably kick you out for that too.
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MM1 grenades
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